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Colorado Transition Partners understands unique business administration challenges.

Colorado Transition Partners specializes in helping business owners work through major changes.

We provide you with administrative expertise to create bandwidth and offer objective support to move into the next phase of your business success. 

We have worked with outdoor guide companies, industry associations, wellness clinics, private therapists, HR consulting firms, social service agencies, and others.


They will tell you that they did not start their companies for the thrill of project management, the joy of troubleshooting, their passion for financial analysis, or the satisfaction of a complete operating manual. But, we did. And we want to do this for you. 

Jennifer Markiewicz Small Business Administrator
Jennifer Markiewicz, MBA

Jennifer has over a decade of experience in management, communications, business development, and executive-level positions in complex organizations. Jennifer brings this expertise along with formal education in business administration to serve as your all-in-one project manager, executive assistant, and business partner for as long as you need.

Dorothy Wilson Small Business Accounting Help
Dorothy Wilson, CPA

With over 30 years of experience managing tax obligations and exposure for high-wealth individuals and multi-million dollar companies, Dorothy will serve as your financial champion. Dorothy provides objective and disciplined guidance in making financial decisions so that you are able to grow your business successfully. 

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