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Our Process


Tell us about your company. We want to hear your points of pride, your big ideas, and your struggles. 

This will feel like a strategic planning session, staff meeting, and therapy appointment all rolled into one. 


Through the consultation, we'll learn what is most pressing. ​


Our clients contact us during a variety of times during their business growth.


One is the "hair-on-fire" urgency. It goes something like this: "There's a deliverable due Friday! An application deadline tomorrow! A meeting with a big client in four hours! ...oh, and the light in the office just burned out!"

We've got this. We'll take care of the most pressing matters posthaste.

Another is when the volume of work is unsustainable with the current help they have available. It sounds something like this:  "I've been working 18 hour days for the last two months. I don't want to deal with hiring someone right now, but I can't keep this up pace." 

We will assess what can be delegated quickly and get to work. 

For others, it's the moment they realize they are in over their heads with the administration of their company. We've worked with clients with learning disabilities, like dyslexia, who feel like they are making mistakes and wasting time. Others are unsure of the best way to develop their administrative or financial processes.  

We can help provide clarity and systems to leverage your strengths and minimize your challenges.


Some of our clients just need a break. They may want a vacation. They may want to take time off after having a baby or experiencing an illness or to address family concern. We won't just turn on the "open" sign; we will document how your business runs and note any opportunities for improvement or ideas for clarifying details. 

We can develop a strategy with you to make sure your business is in the best shape possible when you return. 

All of our clients have one thing in common: They need competent help. 

Consider it done.

Project Management

Once we complete the most pressing projects, we'll keep you on track to tackle the ideas and tasks that will move you beyond transition and into routine operations.  ​

We will develop timelines for your to review and begin executing upon your approval. 

Project Management
System Development & Documentation

We document how we've completed your projects. We keep track of boiler plate material, business records, and your directions for how you want your operation to flow. 

We may have recommendations to improve efficiencies, capitalize on new opportunities, or protect your company from financial vulnerabilities. 

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that when we are done, you have a functional plan for day-to-day operations, thoughtful consideration for new hires, and solid protections again financial "soft spots."

System Development

Once our work is done, you can choose to have us formalize all of our notes, systems, and documentation and provide you with a complete, working operating manual. 


We can create a fully-functional policy and procedure manual specific to your company. This document will allow you to train a new employee, delegate with confidence, and provide a reference for future employees.  

Hiring, Automation, or DIY 

Your first hire = 1/2 your company culture

Fortunately, you didn't rush the hiring process. You now have more information and can be thoughtful and strategic about your hiring decisions. Our clients typically choose one of four options:

1. Hire an employee. Through our work together, you have learned what skills your employee needs, what kind of partnership you want, how many hours it will take, and how you're going to train them. If you want our help facilitating the hiring process, just let us know.

2. Hire a subcontractor. Sometimes we see that our clients simply need one, specialized subcontractor. We will set up the work to ensure ongoing efficiency and to allow for a seamless transition. We are happy to help you find, interview, and contract with a subcontractor who will leverage your strengths. 


3. Automation. Sometimes we learn that hiring isn't the best solution. For some business owners, automation may provide a better opportunity to scale. We can help assess options and establish automated systems. 

4. Do it yourself. Sometimes we are able to resolve efficiency issues to allow business owners to reclaim the full scope of their operations without additional investment. When your business is growing, you may not have time to think through different ways to book clients, maintain your equipment, or manage your finances. In some cases, we can overhaul systems to allow you to continue the work on your own in less time than before. 

In all cases, we help you learn what is necessary for your company before you waste time and resources hiring someone you may not need and are not prepared to train.  

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